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Is Social Media Marketing Worth the Effort?

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When designing your online marketing strategy, the experts at Top Marketing Agency will likely include Social Media Marketing in the program. What was previously considered an extra, even unnecessary, service is now an essential part of any Internet marketing campaign. Many reports have proven the fact that the added exposure …

Local SEO Marketing

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For many businesses, local marketing on the Internet is essential. Just what is local marketing? A potential visitor to any site often wants “local” businesses – that is, local to the customer. Including a zip code or city name in a search phrase narrows the user’s results list. Consider the …

Google Places SEO

Posted by | Tags: | Posted on September 23, 2011 

Where do the Google Places Clicks Go? With Google getting over 67% of the market share for all of online search and with Google Places dominating the local search scene, the importance of Google Places SEO is obvious to local businesses. So where do people click when they are served up local …

The Value of SEO Marketing and Organic Traffic

Posted by | Tags: | Posted on September 19, 2011 

The debate rages on:  “Organic SEO Traffic vs. Pay Per Click”. The expert Internet marketers at Top Marketing Agency recommend a one-two punch – combine the efforts of organic traffic with PPC. While PPC can generate “quick sale” visits, the benefits of organic traffic cannot be disputed for developing lasting …

QR Code Tracking | Measure Your QR Code Success Now

Posted by | Tags: | Posted on September 16, 2011 

Originally designed for the automotive industry, the Quick Response (QR) code system is a two-dimensional (matrix) barcode. Because of its vast storage capacity and quick readability, the QR code has become popular across a wide range of industries. QR History Created in 1994 by Denso Wave (subsidiary of Toyota), the QR code …

In-House SEO vs. Outsource SEO | Best SEO from Top Marketing Agency

Posted by | Tags: | Posted on September 8, 2011 

So, you’ve decided that, as a forward thinking company, that you would like to start Internet Marketing? Now the real work begins! Before making the decision whether to hire an in-house employee to manage your internet marketing or to use an experienced firm to manage your SEO, online reputation, link …
As reported in Marketing Daily, consumers are more likely to read what an established blogger writes about a product in various news media. Based on extensive market research of 1,000 consumers (your customers), 87% are influenced by positive reviews from the internet. According to Cone Inc.’s research on their 2011 Online Influence Trend …

Is A High Bounce Rate Good Or Bad?

Posted by | Tags: | Posted on September 7, 2011 

Many business owners, internet managers and webmasters will look at their Google Analytics data and wonder, is a High Bounce Rate Bad for their website rankings.  In this post we can take a look at the bounce rate and what factors help you measure a bad high bounce rate from …

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